Supporting a variedly range of soil-related research

“Soil” is the material from which the landscape of Japan is formed.

We believe that research into soil stabilization and the development of techniques for establishing stabilized foundations contributes to making the land safe and secure, enabling the people of Japan to enjoy a good quality of life.
We provide a place where soil researchers can come together and engage in long-term research and technology development, and where large numbers of researchers can gather to work and exchange information.



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Establishment of Geo-Kagaku Center

Mission Statement

The Geo-Kagaku Center was established with the aim of “Contributing to the healthy development of Japan’s industry and economy by facilitating soil-related academic study and the development of scientific technology through the funding of research.”
The landmass of Japan is comparatively young, with most regions having been formed less than three million years ago, “soil” being the material from which this landscape is formed. Soil is a granular material that deform easily in the presence of external forces, with properties that vary widely depending on differences such as its relative proportions and grain diameters. Accordingly, soil stabilization demands a diversity of approaches encompassing dynamics, mechanics, science, and biology to suit different objectives, which may include residential land development, road construction, or landslide prevention. Furthermore, with events such as frequent typhoons or sudden rainstorms associated with the abnormal weather in recent years increasingly causing unexpectedly high levels of damage, the center also supports the training of soil researchers and other technical personnel in recognition of the need not just to prevent such damage but also to take account of historical considerations through the establishment of a place where they can work with researchers engaged in preserving Japan’s history, including the protection of cultural treasures on the basis of historical background.
The activities of the center are based on our mission of contributing to progress in soil science. I look forward to your support in this endeavor.

The Geo-science Center Foundation
Representative DirectorTaichi HIROSE

The Geo-Kagaku Center operates exclusively in Japan.

Toyo Central Building, 4-1-13 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016, JAPAN


The Geo-Kagaku Center operates exclusively in Japan.

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